Thursday, 13 January 2011

Children of the Brain

Look, what thy memory cannot contain
Commit to these waste blanks, and thou shall find
Those children nursed, delivered from thy brain
To take a new acquaintance from thy mind



xtina said...

Perhaps not coincidentally, the rise of figurine-carving modern human cultures in Europe coincided with the decline of Neanderthals. Some anthropologists suspect that humans of the era experienced a leap in mental abilities, fueled by random genetic mutation or the neurological nourishment of language and culture.

xtina said...

Among the most notable of these figurines is the Venus of Willendorf, whose (1) featureless head strikingly resembles the A. muscaria’s studded cap, (2) spindly arms strikingly resemble the A. muscaria’s ruptured veil, and (3) red pigment was deducibly intended to cause the figurine to resemble a developing A. muscaria