Monday, 17 October 2011

dharma exams

-what is quicker than the wind?
-what can cover the earth?
-who are more numerous, the living or the dead
-the living, because the dead are no longer
-give me an example of space
-my two hands as one
-an example of grief
-of poison
-an example of defeat
-which came first, day or night
-day, but it was only a day ahead
-what is the cause of world
-what is your opposite
-what is madness
-a forgotten way
-and revolt?why do men revolt?
-to find beauty, either in life or in death
-and what in each of us is inevitable?
-and what is the greatest wonder?
-each day death strikes and we live as though we were immortal.this is the greatest wonder

(στη συγκάτοικό μου που θα μου λείψει πολύ, καλή αρχή/ Mahabharata-P.Brook)


stelios said...

The best things in life are not things.

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απ'ό,τι είδα σε ταλαιπωρούν τα διαγωνίσματα!(κι έχει κάτι δύσκολες ερωτήσεις η ζωή ώρες-ώρες...)
καλωσόρισες Αμέρικο

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