Wednesday, 21 March 2012

it has a life of its own


xtina said...

4u wanting to c
inside my mind
get a life
it's time

katabran said...

xtina said...

αυτό το είδα τώρα, με τον πρωινό καφέ!
ευχαριστώ Κ
αναζήτησα τους στίχους κι έμαθα πολλά κι ωραία για τον Geoffrey Chaucer
φαίνεται ότι κάποια σημερινά μας προβλήματα, ταλάνιζαν και κάποιους τον μεσαίωνα :-)

Lack of Steadfastness

Once this world was so steadfast and so stable

That a man’s word was his obligation,

And now it is so false and mutable,

That word and deed, in their conclusion,

Are unalike, for so turned upside down

Is all this world, by gain and selfishness,

That all is lost for lack of steadfastness.

What makes this world of ours so variable

But the pleasure folk take in dissension?

Amongst us now a man is thought unable,

Unless he can, by some vile collusion,

Wrong his neighbour, or wreak his oppression.

What causes this but such wilful baseness,

That all is lost for lack of steadfastness?

Truth is put down: reason is held a fable;

Virtue has now no domination,

Pity is exiled, no man is merciful.

Through greed men blind discretion;

The world has made such a permutation

Of right to wrong, truth to fickleness,

That all is lose for lack of steadfastness.