Saturday, 4 August 2012

mare serenitatis


Anonymous said...

stelios said...

Gei;a Xtina

Γειά σου Χτινα
την δροσιά της εικόνας να έχεις

xtina said...

πήξιμο ε;
ωραία ταίριαξε, ευχαριστώ!

xtina said...

γειά σου στέλιο!
είναι ωραία τα επτάνησα, αλλά και οι κυκλάδες δεν πάνε πίσω!
να είσαι καλά!

xtina said...

You know like the back of your hand

Who let em in.

You got me into this mess so

You get me out.

You know like the back of your hand.

Your bell jar.

Your collection.


You get me into this mess.

Fools rushing in, yeah,

And they know it.

The seeds of the dandelion you know blow away.

In good time, i hope, i pray.

If i’m not there now physically,

I’m always before you

Come what may.

And you know it.

Fools rushing in


Well you know it.

Who let them in?


Well you know it

Gone with a touch of your hand

Gone with a touch of your hand

Move through the moment

Though it betrays


Jackals and flames

If i knew now

What i knew then

Just give me more time

I hope and pray

I mistake all you say

The seeds of the dandelion you blow away

(all my love)

xtina said...

Perhaps in the future, on the other side of theology and teleology, floating will become the new way of walking, leaving in its wake the more rigid steps of the
pilgrimage, the march, and linear forward movement.