Tuesday, 4 November 2008

maze II

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xtina said...

The albatross,of which there are several species,is a large web-footed
bird with a hooked beak and narrow wings,found mainly in the southern
oceans.The white Wandering Albatross,with a wing span of thirteen
feet,is the best known; when it follows a ship it is a striking sight,
and sailors have long considered it a bird of good omen.
The first half of the name seems to derive from Latin albus,“white,”
but the b was inserted into “alcatras,”from Portuguese alcatraz,used of
the albatross,cormorant,frigate bird,or pelican,from Arabic al-ghattas,
the white-tailed sea-eagle.
As early as the sixth century there are records of the bird following
ships.The most famous albatross in literature is the one in Coleridge’s
Rime of the Ancient Mariner; since then “albatross” has come to mean a
burden of guilt or sin. Melville,in Moby-Dick,c hapter 42,has a memorable
description of an albatross.Baudelaire,in L’Albatros,likens a poet,
“exiled on the ground,”his wings clipped, to an albatross captured by