Friday, 11 September 2009

"All against All is our moto"

Rachel:There is something blocking his circuits when I go near him.
Tyrrel:He underwent special training.It's a defense mechanism against cosmonoid androids.Blade Runner Deckard is programmed to always initiate first in any kind of close contact interaction.Otherwise he would lose control over his emotions and become vulnerable to the enemy.
Rachel:It happens even while he is asleep.
Tyrrel:It's a three year reformating program.We sedated all tender memories by exposing him to a series of warfare imagery, while a smooth voice repeated "I love you".Good old behaviorism can still work miracles.
Rachel:Why didn't you simply insert a new memory card?
Tyrrel:We wanted to keep his sharp reflexes that were built because of his previous positive social experiences.Just channeling this power to a new cause.

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