Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fishing for complement

I seek the language time-convicts speak. Their life sentences judged by poetic justice . I seek the language space-pirates speak. Using lies to reveal treasured truths and truths to locate floating realities.
I seek a language that sounds crisp as trust and smells metaphors.
Where “art” means love making and “war” means round tables.
Where syntax is not taken for granted and grammar has room for the stranger.
I seek a language we will play hand by hand, bit by beat, word by world.
I seek a language that will be resonating our presence even when
We will be apart.
Is there such a place?


xtina said...

P. said...

για το "ταξίδι"

xtina said...

ευχαριστώ Π.
welcome aboard x

xtina said...


Open your mouth wide
universal sighs
and while the ocean blooms
it's what keeps me alive

So I lose and start over
Don't don't blow your mind with why

I'm moving out of orbit
Turnin' in somersaults
I dive into those eyes
timid fish go by.
(it's what keeps me alive)