Friday, 3 September 2010

A haptic dream

Dividuation is tied to control and parametric modulation. It is the logic of capitalist accumulation that breaks down life into measures of information, and populations into databases. We distinguish dividuation from internal differenciation, which, according to Deleuze, is not a process of modulation but a becoming different. We should understand information networks and haptic controls as dividuating technologies that block the number of connections a body can make and decrease its capacity to be affected. The new flexible forms of labor and consumption demanded by global Capital are ample evidence that dividuation serves to further artificialize life and impoverish the social connections that matter to us. Haptic space, on the other hand, is internal becoming. Each move through haptic space is a change of nature, not a controlled modulation. Reach out and touch someone in control societies is an imperative to connect, an order to accumulate information, to multi-task, to stay accessible and in the grip of a haptic control. In haptic space, however, it is an invitation for intimacy and the exhilaration of becoming too close.


saiduced-saidosed said...

ακριβώς, οι κοινωνίες του ελέγχου αγγίζουν για να χρησιμοποιούν ανισόποσα το περιβάλλον και όχι για να επηρεαστούν από το διαφορετικό.

μιλώντας για διαδίκτυο, επιτέλους επανήλθε η σύνδεσή μου. ο ΟΤΕ οφείλει να αλλάξει επωνυμία και να λέγεται ΒΑΒΕΛ. όλοι στο κέντρο εξυπηρέτησης μιλούν άλλη γλώσσα οδηγιών... ;)

xtina said...

συχνά διαπιστώνω οτι τελικά το ήθος του ανθρώπου φαίνεται όταν θα πάρει στα χέρια του έστω και την παραμικρή εξουσία-dogville σου λέω!χαχαχα