Thursday, 7 October 2010


και θα σου γράφω με το ψευδώνυμο χριστίνα κατσάρη
και θα μου απαντάς με το πραγματικό μου όνομα



xtina said...

It would even be possible, I bet, to make out of it a trancendental false-stamp into which every other possible stamp could be translated, kings, queens, wars, victories, inventions, flowers, religious or state institutions, communism and democracy (say, for example the one that I am pasting on the envelope, with a bird's feather in an inkwell and the caption, "The ability to write, a root of democracy").

J.D. The postcard, p.70pdf

xtina said...

If then I lose my life, it is that along with the correct destination (since you are not there), the tone [le ton], is also refused to me.Ton, this for me is the name of God, my God [mon Dieu], the one that I do not find.

J.D., p.72pdf