Monday, 16 June 2008

How much truth can we handle?


Angelos Gavrihlos said...

let us now hope, that our flawed human nature will not fail us. let us now hope that as always it will provide us with the necessary lies, it will equip us with the imaginative glorious illusions to tolerate the imminent torture...
let us now hope that bliss, will work out its miracles, once again. let us now hope that our nature will not fail us, and memory and love will kneel before it

Petra said...

I dont'n know if I'm running out of words, or emotions...

angel gabriel said...

play with words, not facebook applications
arrange colors and forms, you are really four years old still
recycle, yes, its good, the planet is burdened with so much ignorance
but don t really go to extremes with that
your rich neighbour is burning in one dinner party, all the energy you saved in one year
talk to me like lovers do
you are so liberal, i love you
not selfless yet, but uninhibited so i love you

who can really see behind the veil of lust
which ego of my egos is telling the truth
which ego of yours is telling me something
can i love
can you
do i know how to love
where can i practice love. where is it. dance me to the end of it.

it is my first time like this,you say, never before so continuous, never before so constant
it is my first time like this. everytime it is

Me and Not Me said...

to be saved
but from what

to learn how
to sustain loss

when I'll be gone
will my image still be
in the mirror

again and again
the 4 letter word
will remain
until life
proves it right