Monday, 30 June 2008

The Wolf is the Lamb

Knowledge from experience: the heart goes blind because the need is stronger than anything else.Your ego is blind, your id is eager.It will get to the point of smashing everything.When there is a danger from outside, you bolt, but when the danger comes from inside, how can you bolt?The danger from inside is that complicated thing , the love of the wolf, the complicity that attaches us to that which threatens us.

We love the wolf.We love the love of the wolf.We love the fear of the wolf.We're afraid of the wolf: there is love in our fear.Fear is in love with the wolf.Fear loves.Or rather: we are afraid of the person we love.Love terrorizes us.Or else the person we love we call our wolf or our tiger, or our lamb in the manger.We are full of trembling and ready to wolf down.
[H.Cixous, Love of the Wolf]

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xtina said...

O ancient pleasures of hide-and seek, the first game of all."Look for me, I'm hidden I'm lost find me".How good it feels to be lost, to be looked for, to be found, to tremble with all those fears together: fear of not being discovered, fear of being discovered, fear of not trembling with fear.