Monday, 13 July 2009 Vs. lasts 4ever

The algebraic complexity of the structure is matched in detail and perfection by its decoration. The moldings are delicate; and the carving, both in bas-relief and in the round, is masterly. There were two magnificent friezes (bad damaged but partially restored): an exterior one and another around the top of the cella wall, each with forty metopes. The exterior frieze is of a battle between Amazons and Centaurs. In the museum we can see parts of the frieze and many more small sculptures and statues from this building.



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Dict: Barn: A large farm building used for storing farm products and sheltering livestock.


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Dict:centaur:One of a race of monsters having the head, arms, and trunk of a man and the body and legs of a horse.

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"It's more that play, in the very way it constitutes our basic, complex-mammalian humanity, has itself always been digital – if by 'digital' one means the ability to compose and recompose culture and experience, with absolute combinatorial freedom, using abstractly redefined elements and materials."