Thursday, 23 July 2009

Eve bit the apple

...We have worked on a group of texts which belong to what can be called the litterature of apprentiship, the Bildungsroman, and all of the texts-and there are a lot of them because litterature is after all their domain-which relate the development of an individual, their story, the story of their soul, the story of their discovery of the world, of its joys and its prohibitions, its joys and its laws, always on the trail of the first story of all human stories, the story of Eve and the Apple.World literature abounds in texts of libidinal education, because every writer, every artist, is brought at one moment or another to work on the genesis of his/her own artistic being.It is the supreme text, the one written through a turning back to the place where one plays to win or lose life.The stakes are extremely simple, it is a question of the apple:does one eat or not?Will one enter into contact with the intimate inside of the fruit or not? [Helene Cixous]

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