Friday, 17 December 2010

εν_bedding Jacques

"And they plaster themselves on the walls.An immense poster.This is a stamp.They have signed our I.O.U. and we can no longer acknowledge it.Any more than our own children.This is what tradition is, the heritage that drives you crazy.People have not the slightest idea of this, they have no need to know
that they are paying (automatic withdrawal) nor whom they are paying (the name or the thing: name is the thing) when they do anything whatsoever, make war or love, speculate on the energy crisis, construct socialism, write novels, open concentration camps for poets or homosexuals, buy bread or hijack a plane, have themselves elected by secret ballot, bury their own, criticize the media without rhyme or reason, say absolutely anything about chador or the ayatollah, dream of a great safari, found reviews, teach, or piss against a tree."

J.D.The postcard
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saiduced-saidosed said...

The signature is distributed by billions and trillions, like a stamp on a letter that undergoes all the hazards of communication: the sender and the receiver most of the time unknown to each other share a message whose secret they cannot exchange.

D.D. ;)

xtina said...

x x D.D.;)

ευτυχώς υπάρχουν και τα κινητά
μεταφέρουν μια χαρά μυστικά
(θες δε θες)