Thursday, 16 December 2010

J.D.A.T. 1600

"Our amorous bureaucracy, our erotic secretariat, we will have confided too much to them not to lose the control and memory of it.They now have the autonomy which is killing revolutions (getting fat and the police). The real enigma, the absolute stenography-one has to be right in the room in order to know how to decipher, along with the other.But I would like to be your secretary.While you were out I would transcribe your manuscripts of the night before or the tapes on which you would have improvised, I would make several discreet interventions that you alone would recognize, I would watch the children that you would have given me (this is indeed your dream, no?, yours too), I would even breast-feed them, and almost permanently would hear the next one breathing in my belly.We would keep all of them.You always would be in me or behind me, I would be accessible, at bottom, only to your tongue, your tongue alone".

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